Privileged Service to Passengers Over 65 from Istanbul Airport

30 July 2021


Istanbul Airport, which is a global transfer center in addition to its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, superior technology and high-level travel experience, is launching its privileged services for passengers over the age of 65 who are most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Istanbul Airport, which breaks stereotypes in aviation and is among the best in the world, expands its privileged service range with the services it offers to its passengers aged 65 and over.

Istanbul Airport, where flights started again in June and the operational intensity gradually increased, offers special services to passengers aged 65 and over, who are most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, that will benefit their travels and increase their airport experience. It is aimed to maximize the airport experience of passengers aged 65 and over, with free or discounted services specific to the epidemic process.

In addition to IGA Pass privileges, services such as health and pharmacies are also offered to passengers aged 65 and over, who are in the risk group and whose curfew is restricted in order to protect their health during the Covid-19 epidemic, in order to facilitate their travel and most importantly to make their time at the airport comfortable. Available for free or at a discount. Turkish Airlines services will also be included in this experience, which will start with the hosting of Istanbul Airport.

“IGA special passenger services” for 65 and over are free of charge…

IGA Fast Track and IGA Buggy services, which are among the IGA Pass services, are offered free of charge in order to privilege the travels of passengers aged 65 and over who were adversely affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. With the free Fast Track and Buggy services, the travels of passengers over the age of 65 become more enjoyable.

While İGA Meet & Greet, İGA Lounge and İGA Sleepod services, which are among İGA special passenger services for passengers aged 65 and over, are offered with a 35 percent discount, passengers who want to benefit from these services will only pay 65 percent of the fee when purchasing the service. These services, offered with the slogan “65+ only pays 65 percent”, also aim to provide a safe and comfortable travel experience for passengers of certain age groups.

Health services and pharmacies aged 65 and over will also be privileged…

The privileged services offered to passengers over the age of 65 at Istanbul Airport become even more special with the inclusion of health services and pharmacies. Thanks to the cooperation with Şafak Health Group, 20 percent discount on special examination fees is applied to passengers aged 65 and over, and transportation service is offered free of charge after the examination with a health vehicle and a doctor accompanied by a doctor.

In the contracted pharmacies in Istanbul Airport, services such as drug transportation and blood pressure measurement become free for passengers aged 65 and over. While a 15 percent discount is applied to all non-pharmaceutical products for this age group, hygiene products such as face masks, hand sanitizers and medicine boxes are also provided free of charge, limited to stocks. In addition to all these, passengers aged 65 and over who request medicine to the point they are in the terminal are given medicines together with gift products.

“Our elders over the age of 65 are our crown”

Making evaluations regarding the privileged services offered to passengers aged 65 and over, which has just been implemented at Istanbul Airport, İGA Airport Operations Chairman and General Manager Samsunlu made the following statements: “Our elders aged 65 and over are very valuable to us. With the decision taken by our state to protect the health of our elders in this age group, going out for a certain period of time during the epidemic period was limited. It is our duty to protect them and to make life easier for them. We have privileged various services and products in order to facilitate the travel of our passengers aged 65 and over, and to make their time at Istanbul Airport more comfortable. With this approach, we aimed to turn their travels into pleasure for our passengers. Our flag carrier, Turkish Airlines, will ensure integrity in passenger service by including its own services in this experience we have started. As you know, our main goal after Covid-19 at Istanbul Airport; We had determined it to follow the principle of ‘a travel that keeps the safety and hygiene at the highest level’. Accordingly, we received the Airport Pandemic Certificate and became the first airport in Turkey to sign the Covid-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol. As the ‘most distant’ airport in terms of hygiene, we continue our efforts at full speed to offer a unique airport experience to all our passengers.

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