“Airport of the Year” Award to Istanbul Airport

23 September 2021

Istanbul Airport was deemed worthy of the “Airport of the Year” award at the “2021 Air Transport Awards”, one of the most prestigious publications of the world aviation industry.

Being the leader among Turkey’s best customer-oriented airports, Istanbul Airport continues to win awards in the international arena.

Istanbul Airport was the winner of the 2021 Air Transport Awards, which is organized every year by Air Transport News, which reaches consumers who travel frequently, whose opinions are sought about airports around the world, and who experience travel and accommodation opportunities. At the award ceremony where Istanbul Airport was selected as the “Airport of the Year”, Qatar Airways was awarded the “Airline Company of the Year” and ACI World General Director Luis Felipe de Oliviera was awarded the “Leader of the Year” award. The award was presented to İsmail Hakkı Polat, Deputy General Manager of IGA Airport Planning, at the “Summer Aviation Forum” held on September 3, 2021 in Athens, the capital of Greece.

Singapore Changi, Doha, Dubai, Lisbon and Geneva airports are among the winners of the competition, in which the winners are determined by more than 4,000 readers and leading executives of the aviation industry.

The “2021 Air Transport Awards” Awards are held every year in partnership with Hermes – Air Transport Organization, ATN (Air Transport News) and ALA (America Latina Aeronoticias). Leading aviation industry organizations such as Airports Council International (ACI), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), International Air Transport Association (IATA) are also among the board members. While the awards are determined by different experts and readers, this award is known as the only international award in the world that evaluates and rewards 14 different categories of the aviation industry.

“Istanbul Airport has outstripped other airports in the world”

İsmail Hakkı Polat, Deputy General Manager of IGA Airport Planning, made evaluations about the Istanbul Airport being deemed worthy of the “Airport of the Year” award at the 2021 Air Transport Awards; “Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to continue our operations without slowing down. We did not interrupt our investments and added new airlines to our structure. We have concretely proven our success with the international certificates and awards we have received. We are very happy to be deemed worthy of another international award. It is an honor to receive the “Airport of the Year” award at the “2021 Air Transport Awards”, determined by aviation industry experts and readers. The fact that we achieved this valuable award, which Geneva Airport was awarded last year, surpassing many airports in the world, is an indicator of how well we do our job. Istanbul Airport, Turkey’s gateway to the world, will be deemed worthy of many more awards in the future with its travel experience and service understanding. made a statement.

Air Transport News Executive Director and CEO Dr. at Kostas Iatrou; “Congratulations to the winners. These institutions have survived the worst crisis the aviation industry has ever faced. Success is now more important and more difficult than ever before in these difficult times. For this reason, these institutions have proven beyond doubt their outstanding leadership abilities. While iGA Istanbul Airport is the first airport in the world to participate in ACI’s Airport Health Accreditation program in 2020, it became the first airport to be re-accredited in 2021, showing an example of leadership among airports.” used the phrases.

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