3- New Istanbul Airport (IST) Metro Lines / Stations

Istanbul Airport ISL to City Center Metro Line
Istanbul Airport ISL to City Center Metro Line

!!!!!!!!! Istanbul Airport (ISL) Metro Line is currently in construction. It is expected to open very soon. (in 2019) !!!!!!!!!

Istanbul Airport Metro Station is located in Istanbul Airport (ISL).

To get from Istanbul Airport (ISL) to the city center (Taksim) by Metro:

At first you will go to Gayrettepe Station from Istanbul Airport (ISL). After you will be transferring to Taksim Metro line at Gayrettepe Station. And you will be able to easily reach Taksim by Metro.

Click here to go to the page where we provide information about the stations of all metro and tram lines in Istanbul.


The fare of the airport metro from Istanbul Airport to city center is 2,60 TL (about 0,5 dollar)

Cash or credit card on metro is not valid, you can only pay with “Istanbulkart“. You can buy Istanbulkart from the buffets at the airport. And you can upload credits to Istanbulkart in buffets and vending machines in the stations.

In the continuation of the article we will give more detailed information about Istanbulkart.


istanbulkart vending machines
istanbulkart vending machines

IstanbulKart is a payment method used in public transport in Istanbul. Only Istanbulkart is valid in all public transport system in Istanbul (IETT buses, HAVAIST busses, Metrobus, ferry, subway, tram, funicular). Money or credit card payment is not possible.

(Cash payments are available in Taxis. In some taxis, credit cards are also valid. Even in some taxis, payment by credit card is also available.)

Istanbulcard can be purchased and credit loaded from the buffets on the streets or from automatic machines at metro/bus stops.

You can see the “Istanbulkart ” fare tariff below.

istanbul public transport fares tariff istanbulkart
istanbul public transport fares tariff istanbulkart

In Istanbul, you will pay 2.60 TL for the first time you take the public transport. Then, when you transfer to another public transport (e.g. bus, metro, tram, ferry) within 2 hours, you pay less.

The transfer discount is valid for 2 hours. And it must be 10 minutes past the first and second public transport.

First you upload money (How much you want to install) to your istanbulkart, then your credit decreases as you use public transports.

If your istanbulkart does not have enough funds to ride a public transport, You will receive an “Insufficient credit” alert. In This case, you need to make a new installation to your istanbulcard. For This, you can use the Istanbulkart vending machines located in the stations.

When getting to the bus or the subway, it is enough to bring the istanbulkart closer to the reading device. Istanbulkart is working contactless.

Getting on the IETT bus..
Getting on the subway, tram or ferries..

If you do not have an istanbulkart, you can also take a token or 1-2-3-5-10 pass ticket from the kiosk. (Token is valid for Metro, tram or ferry. Not available on Buses. Tickets are valid for all public transports)

We recommend you to buy Istanbulkart. Istanbulkart is more advantageous for tourists. Because The token and ticket fare is more expensive and there is no transfer discount.

istanbul public transport fares istanbulkart token
istanbul public transport fares istanbulkart token



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