5- How to go to Taksim (centrum) from Istanbul Airport (IST)

how to go to taksim (centrum) from istanbul airport isl ist
how to go to Taksim (centrum) from Istanbul Airport (isl/ist)

Taksim Square

Welcome to Istanbul..

Taksim Square is the center of Istanbul. Every year, millions of tourists from around the world visit Taksim Square.

How to go to Taksim Square (centrum) from Airport

There are a few different ways to get to Taksim from the Istanbul Airport. These are HAVAİST busses, metro (subway) and TAXIs. We’ll give you information about them below.

by HAVAIST Buses

HAVAIST buses are luxury buses that carry passengers between the Istanbul Airport (ISL) and Taksim Square.

HAVAIST buses are served every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. Takes you from the airport and takes you to Taksim Square (city center).

It takes about 1 hour for HAVAIST buses to get from the Istanbul Airport to Taksim Square.

HAVAIST buses fee is 18 liras (about 3 dollars).  But you can’t pay with cash or credit card. You must use Istanbulkart (As with almost all public transportation in Istanbul) .

But don’t worry, there are buffets and vending machines available to buy Istanbulkart at the airport.

At the end of your trip, you can also come to the Istanbul Airport by HAVAIST buses from Taksim Square.

Istanbul Airport HAVAIST Buses
Istanbul Airport HAVAIST Buses

by Metro (Subway)

ATTENTION!!! The Istanbul Airport Metro Line M-11 has not been opened yet. Construction is ongoing. It is expected to open within the year 2019.

From Istanbul Airport, you can go to Taksim Square (centrum) by metro.

For this, you will first arrive at Gayrettepe Station by the Istanbul Airport metro line M-11.

Then you will be able to reach Taksim Square by transferring to M-2 Taksim metro line at Gayrettepe Station.

Istanbul Airport ISL to City Center Metro Line
Istanbul Airport ISL to City Center Metro Line


You can also go by taxi from Istanbul Airport to Taksim Square (city center).

Taxis are waiting for you at the exit of the terminal.

There are 3 different color taxi services at Istanbul Airport. These are yellow, turquoise and black taxis.

istanbul airport yellow and Turquoise taxis
Istanbul Airport (ISL) yellow and Turquoise taxis

Yellow taxis are the cheapest taxis in the tariff.

Turquoise taxis are 15% more expensive than yellow taxis.

Black taxis have 2 times the expensive tariff of yellow taxis.

istanbul airport lux mercedes taxi
Istanbul Airport lux mercedes taxi

Taxis can carry up to 4 passengers.

The Taxi fare is determined by the distance travelled and the same fee is paid for how many people ride in the vehicle.

Taxi fare (for yellow taxis) from Istanbul Airport (ISL) to Taksim Square costs about 120 liras. (about 25 dollars)



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